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Things to do
Hope Cove

Things to do

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Hope Cove is all about the nature. It is devoid of many of the detractions of other holiday destinations and that is why we love it.

The focus of Hope Cove are the two beaches and the associated activities, both on the beach and in the sea.

Hope Cove is surrounded by stunning scenery, whether it be the rolling south Devon hills and valleys inland or the cliff lined coast, offering unrivalled views.

In this 'Things to do' section we have:
. Events
. Beaches
. Water sports
. Walking
. Shopping
. Religious services


Events is Hope Cove

We are happy to feature any Hope Cove events, please email us the details.

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Cottage Hotel

Re-opens on 11th February 2024

The Cottage Hotel will be serving a limited bar menu on Sunday lunch times. afternoon cream teas and dinner as usual in the evenings.

Contact: 01548 561555 or

Valentines Dinner - 14th February

Special menus served from 7:00 - 8:30pm
3 courses - £39:00
5 course - £47:00
includes valentine cocktail

Wind in the Willows

Malborough Village Hall

Wednesday 20th – Sunday 24th March 2024: 7.30pm

with a matinee performance on Saturday 23rd – 2pm.

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The Hope Cove beaches are greatly affected by the tide.

For Outer Hope at high tide there is a small part of the beach left, at low tide more of the beach and rocks are revealed.

For Inner Hope at high tide there is no beach at the lifeboat slipway, and the rest of the beach is reduced,
especially with the watercraft taking up much of the available beach space.

Planning can then be crucial if your beach experience is to be maximised.

The General Stores and Post office stocks a variety of beach essentials.

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Click the link to check the tide timings for Hope Cove

The Outer and Inner Hope Beaches

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Inner Hope

Outer Hope (Mouthwell Beach)


Hope Cove has become an increasingly popular destination with water sport enthusiasts.
The sheltered and shallow bay of Inner Hope is ideal for beginners surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking as well as swimming.

However, both Inner and Out Hope have underwater reefs and out of the immediate vaccinity of the beach,
especially out towards Bolt Tail the current and undertow can be strong and dangerous.

Please take care when in the water. Even when appearing calm the undertow can present dangers.
When in a kayak, canoe or on a paddle board wear a life vest or life jacket and avoid going out alone.
Tell others where you are headed and the approximate time you will return.

Hope Cove charges launching fees for watercraft.

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The Hope Cope Lifeboat is an independently operated lifeboat offering search and rescue services from Soar Mill Cove to River Erme (Bigbury Bay) as well as supporting the RNLI when requested.

As a registered charity it needs constant funding to maintain the high level of services.


RNLI Lifeguards are based in Outer Hope for the summer season.

Please observe the flags.

Be aware of the under water reefs.

Rentals for water sports equipment is limited.

Follow the links below for service providers for Hope Cove.


Paddle boarding

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Adventure South

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Hope Cove is a popular surf venue despite a lack of consistent big waves.
It's ideal for beginners in Inner Hope.

Check out the link below for surf information for Hope Cove.

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Hope Cove is a popular venue for sea swimming in its relatively sheltered bay.
If your lucky you may even get to swim with the seals or dolphins!

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Sea swim coaching is available in Hope Cove.

Click the link to find out more.

Suba diving


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Hope Cove has reefs and is a dive site with four wrecks and there are rumours that coins from a Spanish galleon have been found!

Check out the links below for further dive information.

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Hope Cove is used by a lot of small boat owners, many of whom keep their boats on the Inner Hope beach for the summer season.
Access is limited for larger boats.

Fees are payable.


Walking in and around Hope Cove is a very popular activity, for both inland hikes and of course utilising the South West coastal path.

There are many sites offering maps and information about the walks in the area.

Public footpaths in South Huish Parish

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All mapping in this document has been sourced from Parish Online.
© Crown copyright and data base right all rights reserved (0100056699) 2019
© Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown Copyright and data base right 2019

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Hope Cove - Bolt Tail - Bolberry Down
(4.8 miles - 7.7 km)

Under construction


Smallest section as Hope Cove is not a shopping destination!

The General Stores and Post Office is the shop for the food basics, newspapers etc.

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General Stores

General stores stock all the basics food and drink wise, plus offers Post Office service. There is a range of baked goods - sausage rolls, pasties etc. Salcombe ice creams are always popular.

They also stock a range of souvenirs.

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Religious services

Methodist Chapel

South Devon Methodist Circuit

Open every day except Mondays.

Everyone is welcome, residents and visitors alike.

Sunday service: 18:00

Sue + David Morgan 01548 560237


Coffee Morning and Cake Sale
Date: 31st May, 2022
Location: Fisherman's Reading Room

Fundraiser for Hospital in Berhampur, India

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St Clement's Church

Diocese of Exeter

Services are not currently taking place at St Clement's, but are services are operating as usual at Holy Trinity, Galmpton.

The church is open most days for quiet reflection

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